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Let's accelerate the
discovery of Lake Como.

We are a community, we are passionate people.

We accelerate the discovery of the territory by uniting people eager for extraordinary experiences with the local activities able to offer them.​

We are bringing together interested people and local businesses to create something extraordinary.

Do you want to be part of it?

More than 11,000 people are part of Larius Way , every day they are looking for new things to see, experiences to live and realities to discover.

They do this through our community, on our website and on our social channels.

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Our mission

Creating the largest community of enthusiasts to help as many people share and live extraordinary experiences on Lake Como, putting them in contact with various local activities capable of offering them.

What do we do?
Our offer.

Larius Way offers a new method to promote your local experiences and activities in the Lake Como area like never before.

Our community is always looking for new stories to tell and adventures to experience.

They want to discover local products like yours, taste the delicacies on your menus and experience the experiences you offer.

We highlight your passion, your commitment and what you have to offer, bringing them center stage.

Join us to build a stronger connection with the community and transform your activities into unmissable destinations.

A community made up of passionate people.

Explore, discover and share the experiences this extraordinary place has to offer every day.

Bringing together many passionate people and local activities to get to know the lake from another perspective.

The adventure begins.

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