About us

A strong friendship at the base of the project.

HI! If you ended up here it's because you want to know the minds behind this project. Nice to meet you, We are Mirko and Emanuel, two guys from Como who love the Lario and its infinite beauties, as well as nature, photography and travel enthusiasts. In addition to common interests, a strong friendship binds us which has led us to share many experiences and projects, of which Larius Way represents the best expression.

The purpose of the Larius Way project

The project Larius Way was born under the warm sun of a summer afternoon in 2017, while we chatted during one of our usual excursions along the Spina Verde paths.

The idea had arisen because we were both seeing a Lake Como now a prisoner of fixed tourist and landscape rhetoric, which made it almost boring to talk about the many wonders that describe the city and its surroundings.

Our wish that day was, and is even more so today, that of renew the story of the Lario, through a modern look and a sincere and simple dialogue.

The goal of Larius Way is to become a blog, a portal and a reference website on Lake Como, allowing those who follow us to discover the countless activities, the exciting sports, the unique events, the famous and hidden places, and to give value to many talented and creative people who live there.

Create a united and passionate community to share adventures, discoveries, curiosities, but also thoughts, ideas and emotions that living in such a magical place can arouse, always with a careful eye on conservation and respect for the environment and the territory.

Mirko Ruggirello

Mirko was born as a web master. Over the years he specialized in the multimedia side, remaining fascinated by the world of content creators, and became a film-maker with a cheeky creative nature, which guided him in a constant search for professionalism combined with good taste.

Among his many passions, the one for motorcycles certainly stands out, which has accompanied him since childhood.

Behind the weighted biker clothes, it hides an adrenaline-pumping off-road rider soul.