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The garden of the Valley

A garden waiting to be discovered, from an illegal landfill to a place of tranquility and reflection surrounded by nature
The garden of the Cernobbio valley

The Garden of the Valley in Cernobbio, the magical place of Nonna Pupa

A place you wouldn't expect to be within walking distance of Cernobbio, a small oasis surrounded by greenery that captures the heart of every visitor: we are talking about the Valley Garden, the magical place of Grandma Pupa.

This garden was born in the 1980s and is the result of tireless work by Pupa Frati, known to everyone as Nonna Pupa, who transforms an illegal landfill into a small paradise.

We had the pleasure of meeting Nonna Pupa in person, and of making a small video for the association, trying to tell with some images this "secret garden", its sounds and its beauties, but it is live that everything becomes magical.

Photo by Larius Way

The association and the volunteers

The association “The Garden of the Valley” is a non-profit organization, where the main activity and objective is to ensure the conservation, maintenance and improvement of this splendid place.

Nonna Pupa had the idea of creating a garden from an illegal landfill located in the valley along the surrounding wall of Villa d'Este in Cernobbio, thanks to the commitment and strong passion for nature.

It has become a place for everyone, a meeting point for the local community and for the tourists who visit ours Lake Como.

If you want to become a volunteer, not only to contribute to the maintenance of the garden, but also to propose ideas and artistic initiatives, find out how.

Here theinterview with Nonna Pupa in April 2018 (ANGOLI broadcast on Espansone TV Como) with the screening of our video.

For information on the garden visit official site.