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Strengthen Your Team Bond!

Team Building Lake Como

Join us for an unforgettable team building experience on Lake Como . Get ready to immerse yourself in nature and get excited with outdoor sporting activities or solve the puzzles in our Escape Rooms.

Here are some advantages of having teambuilding experiences :

Body regeneration

Nature and body. Spending time immersed in nature reduces stress , increases concentration and promotes general well-being .

Strengthen team bonds

Facing challenges together, overcoming obstacles and celebrating successes creates a special bond between team members , strengthening cohesion and mutual trust .

Team Union

Outdoor activities push participants beyond their limits, stimulating personal growth and awareness of their abilities. In  Team Building Escape Rooms , communication is key.

Participants must convey information clearly and concisely, listen to others' ideas, and coordinate group actions.

Improving communication skills within the team leads to greater efficiency and better conflict management in the workplace.

Contact with nature or place

Immersed in nature or discovering new places , employees distance themselves from the work routine and open up to new experiences, encouraging creative thinking and innovative problem solving

Outdoor activities allow you to live a regenerating experience and strengthen the connection with the surrounding environment, increasing awareness and sensitivity towards social issues such as sustainability.

Discovering the beauty of your own territory or a new destination creates a sense of belonging and pride, encouraging the team to work with even more commitment to achieve common objectives.

Stress and Time Management

Team building activities that involve managing stress under pressure allow participants to develop important skills useful in the world of work.

Facing challenges with tight deadlines and in an uncertain context puts a strain on the ability to: Manage stress, stay calm, concentrate.

Learning to master these skills is essential to be successful in any work environment, where you often find yourself facing complex situations and with limited time.

Problem Solving Development

Problem-solving team building activities are a powerful tool for enhancing creativity, critical thinking and teamwork.

Through these engaging experiences, participants learn to: Carefully analyze information, Identify connections, Formulate effective strategies

The skills acquired in this context also prove invaluable in the working environment, where the ability to face complex challenges and find creative solutions is a key factor for success.

Team building Lake Como

The groups grow in proportion to the horizon that is proposed to them.

Nature as a stage for experimentation provides the energy and inspiration for the full expression of your team's potential.

The classroom we propose is located in the green heart of a little-explored village, in a unique environment like that of Lake Como , where Nature and History find a magical balance.

Why Corporate Team Building?

Because your team has an invaluable value that grows over time. Team spirit, cohesion and feeling part of a project that goes beyond oneself are values ​​that deserve to be cultivated.

Team Building Lake Como: opportunities for your team between nature, sport or the discovery of new places


Team building on Lake Como

Strengthening the group dynamics of the people who work with you is essential to moving the projects you work on forward.

This is why we offer you an exclusive Team Building experience in the open air or to discover new destinations on Lake Como, a unique location in the world.

A challenging path to bring out the differences of the participants and make the most of them, building team cohesion and allowing individuals to grow and have fun.

Immerse yourself in nature, culture and local tradition

In addition to the challenge and the stages to be covered, we believe that to fully immerse ourselves in the place that hosts us it is necessary and culinary traditions .

For this reason, the Team Building package that we propose expands and adds a fundamental stage: we propose that you conclude the activity with a typical lunch , to appreciate the local products and allow the group to better integrate with the culture of Lake Como .

Stress management and self-knowledge

It doesn't end here: Team Building is also an exploration of the deepest recesses of ourselves .

For this reason, together with the classic activities, we propose the practice of the ancient discipline of Yoga and meditation, under the guidance of qualified masters.

Personal research is the first step to better structure the synergies of the group and manage stress in a path dedicated to movement and well-being in all its forms that we pursue.

Among these is Aerial Yoga, a particular variation of the discipline that allows you to explore new movements while having fun.

Our proposals

Discover in detail the different possibilities you have for organizing an extraordinary team building on Lake Como

Outdoor Team Building 

Join us for an unforgettable outdoor team building experience on Lake Como . Get ready to immerse yourself in nature and get excited with outdoor activities and in contact with nature!

Team Building Escape Room

Immersed in the daily frenzy of work activities, it is easy to lose sight of the importance of team cohesion and collaboration.

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Frequent questions

Is the difficulty of the packages customizable?
Absolutely yes, the difficulty of the various packages and outdoor activities can be completely customized according to your needs or requests.

No, our packages also include the technical equipment to carry out the various activities.

Trekking shoes, a backpack and a bottle of water are recommended.

There is no minimum number of participants, we accept both small groups and larger teams up to a maximum of 20 people.

The difficulty is customizable, you will take a ride with professionals who will be able to help you in any circumstance.

Then what's better than overcoming some fears?

We recommend arriving in Brunate via the historic funicular, we will come to pick you up in Como and then go up together and show you a breathtaking view of Lake Como.