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Overcome the puzzles with the help of a team!

Team Building Escape Room

Immersed in the daily frenzy of work activities, it is easy to lose sight of the importance of team cohesion and collaboration.

With our Team Building Escape Room , we offer you the opportunity to do just that.

Strengthen team bonds

The Escape Room requires impeccable teamwork. Participants must join forces , communicate clearly and coordinate efforts to solve the puzzles and reach the final goal.

This experience promotes team building , strengthening bonds between members and creating a sense of mutual trust.

Improve communication and cooperation

In Team Building Escape Rooms , communication is key.

Participants must convey information clearly and concisely, listen to others' ideas, and coordinate group actions.

Improving communication skills within the team leads to greater efficiency and better conflict management in the workplace.

It promotes diversity and inclusion

The Escape Room offers each individual the opportunity to showcase their unique skills and talents.

The diversity of perspectives and approaches within the team can lead to innovative and creative solutions.

Stress and Time Management

The time pressure and uncertainty of the challenges test participants' stress management skills. Learning to stay calm and stay focused even under pressure is a valuable skill in any work context.

Development of Problem Solving

Tackling complex challenges and solving puzzles stimulates creativity and critical thinking .

Participants learn to examine information, identify connections, and formulate effective strategies to overcome obstacles.

This development of problem-solving can be transferred directly to the workplace, where the ability to meet challenges is essential for success.

Team building Escape Room

Team Building Escape Rooms are not just a game, but an immersive experience designed to take your team to new levels of connection and collaboration .

Inside a room , a theatre , a villa or a museum full of puzzles and challenges, your colleagues will become accomplices in solving mysteries, opening secret suitcases ( Secret Box) and overcoming insurmountable obstacles.

Problem-solving challenges , effective communication and stress management become the keys to success as your team immerses themselves in an exciting and inspiring experience.

And with the ability to customize the experience to fit your business goals and team preferences, our Team Building Escape Room service offers an unparalleled opportunity to create lasting connections and motivate business success.

Why is Team Building Escape Room important?

Escape Room team building offers an unparalleled opportunity to build stronger bonds between team members, motivating them towards business success.

In an exciting and challenging environment, participants face challenges that require clear communication, problem solving and stress management.

Customizing the experience based on business objectives allows the team to directly apply what they learn in the work context.

Investing in this experience is not just a way to have fun, but a strategic investment in the future of the company, creating a more cohesive and success-oriented team.

Escape the Room Team Building: features and benefits


Diversity and unique environments

Escape Rooms can be set in a wide range of scenarios, from a castle to a hotel , from a theater to a museum , even solving puzzles throughout the city.

This variety allows you to tailor the experience to your preferred theme or company values.

Escape Experience in Iconic Places

In addition to the classic rooms, the Escape Experience can be extended to iconic places such as historic castles, museums, theaters and hotels on Lake Como and other destinations.

This adds an element of authenticity and allows participants to fully immerse themselves in the experience.

Location Flexibility

One of the main characteristics of Escape Rooms is their ability to be set up in any location, city or resort.

This allows companies to organize team building events in convenient and inspiring locations.

Difficulty variations

Escape Rooms can be designed with different levels of difficulty to suit the needs of the group. 

This allows us to provide a challenging, yet accessible experience for all participants.

Innovation with Secret Box

Secret Boxes add an intriguing element to the Team Building experience.

These secret suitcases offer additional puzzles and challenges that must be solved to gain access to valuable content or information crucial to the success of the main objective.

Our proposals

The difficulty of the experience can be customized based on the Team's preferences

Additional and dedicated services can be implemented in our solutions, such as lunch or tasting with local products, special visits to the area in villas, monuments or attractions and much more.

Escape the Castle, Museum, City, Hotel, Theatre

A tailor-made adventure that involves participants in a series of exciting tests, designed to allow them to 'go out' by overcoming various types of challenges and getting to know the reality in which they find themselves.

In our customized versions of Escape Rooms, each location becomes a stage for a unique and immersive experience. If participants must escape from a castle, the trials are intertwined with the history of the place, offering a complete immersion in its atmosphere and secrets. If they have to leave a museum or theater, visiting and exploring the place becomes an integral part of the challenge, requiring knowledge and insights gained during the adventure.

Digital Escape

Thanks to the use of iPads and dedicated apps, our Escape Rooms offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to participate anywhere and even remotely if necessary. But what makes this experience truly unique is the varied involvement it offers.

The themes are different and customizable, allowing you to insert content relating to the company to make the experience even more engaging and meaningful for participants. Furthermore, our Escape Rooms allow teams to collaborate, even if competing, to achieve a common goal after facing challenges and puzzles, creating a one-of-a-kind sense of connection and collaboration.

Secret Box

An ancient suitcase, enigmatic and mysterious, seems to resist every attempt at opening. But behind those intricate locks lie secrets that only the most daring agents can uncover.

In an engaging Escape Room style challenge, the teams all find themselves in the same room, ready to test their skills and work together to solve the puzzles hidden inside the suitcase.

Choose our eco-friendly version, Save The Planet, where your goal is to save the world by solving intricate environmental puzzles. Or immerse yourself in the gripping plots of Refuse The Bomb, where time is running out and you must foil a dangerous attack.

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Frequent questions

Team Building is a process aimed at improving relationships and cooperation within a group of individuals. It means working together to develop mutual trust, effective communication, collaboration and group cohesion. This can be done through a series of activities designed to promote teamwork, problem solving and the development of individual and collective skills. In essence, Team Building aims to create a harmonious and productive working environment, in which each team member feels valued and motivated to contribute to common success.

Team Buildings are organized by professionals specialized in the sector, who have the experience and skills necessary to plan and conduct effective activities. These entities can be event companies, corporate training agencies or consultants specialized in the field of group dynamics and organizational development. Their goal is to understand the client's specific needs and create a customized program that fosters team growth and improvement. These professional organizations are able to offer a wide range of activities and approaches, ensuring that Team Building is effective and engaging for all participants.

To increase team spirit, it is essential to create a collaborative and motivating environment that fosters mutual trust, open communication and group cohesion.

In our team buildings we carry out collaboration and trust activities where effective communication is needed to achieve shared objectives.

The activities are recreational, fun or problem solving, a way to work as a team by rewarding every small success.

Doing team building is crucial to consolidate bonds between team members, improve communication and mutual trust. Team building activities promote collaboration, problem solving and team spirit, helping to create a positive and motivating work environment.

Furthermore, it offers the opportunity to discover and develop individual and collective capabilities, thus improving the overall performance of the team. Finally, it is an opportunity to relax, have fun and create positive memories together, strengthening the sense of belonging and pride in belonging to the team.

The fundamental characteristic of team building is the promotion of collaboration,  group cohesion and stress management through engaging and interactive activities.

The best thing you can do is not to improvise a team building, but rely on companies that are experts in this sector, so as to reap the greatest benefits for your entire team.