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Tremezzo Lake Como

Tremezzo: the village of the Gardens on Lake Como. a small village that boasts a splendid naturalistic panorama. Here there is the enchanting Villa Carlotta.
Tremezzo Lake Como

Tremezzo: the garden village on Lake Como

The village of the Gardens Tremezzo is known , a small village located in the central lake basin which boasts a splendid naturalistic panorama. In its streets you can breathe calm and tranquility, making it an ideal destination to detach your mind from the chaos of city centers.

It is certainly one of the richest baroque-style villages in our nation, whose churches, monuments, villas and palaces elevate its humanistic and architectural value, attracting many tourists and enthusiasts every year.

Villa Carlotta Lake Como

The unmissable stop is certainly the enchanting Villa Carlotta , an immense structure which houses a small museum inside, embellished with the works of the master Antonio Canova, and outside a wonderful botanical garden which extends for approximately 7 hectares.

It offers a unique tour among terraced gardens with over 500 species of plants, such as camellias and azaleas and with a suggestive forest of rhododendrons typical of the Himalayan mountains.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

For lovers of luxury holidays, Tremezzo offers perhaps the best option in the entire Como area: the Grand Hotel Tremezzo . An Art Nuoveau icon, it offers its guests environments with a unique atmosphere, enriched by three swimming pools, a private beach and a lush park.

The warmth and hospitality of the staff here reaches perfection. The building, whose facade projects directly onto the waters of the Lario, has a grandiose staircase, and inside hides magnificent lounges and elegant restaurants.

The period furnishings are combined with a contemporary luxury that puts the most demanding guests at ease.

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