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Carate Urio Lake Como

Enclosed and guarded within the sweet, evocative and welcoming province of Como, Carate Urio is a charming town with just over a thousand inhabitants.

Carate Urio, a recently created town on the shores of Lake Como

Located on the western shore of the Lario, Carate Urio it is a recently created charming town.

The town was in fact born in 1927, through the merger of two distinct communities, that of Carate Lario, which extends near the lake, and that of Urio which develops on a steep and fascinating slope. A typical architectural detail of this town is the presence of characteristic stairway alleys, flanked on both sides by the entrance doors of the ancient houses. 

The history and religious traditions of Carate Urio they arose from the 10th century. The church of Saints Quirico and Giuditta on the lake shore is an example of this, although unfortunately it has not maintained its original state due to destruction suffered over time.

Today we can enjoy the restoration of 1865, and above all the large square in front of the Church which opens up to an incredible view of the promontory of I'll be back and the opposite Faggeto Lario

Photo by Larius Way

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