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Brienno Lake Como

Brienno Lake Como: one of the most characteristic villages on Lake Como.
Village of Brienno Lake Como

The welcoming and ancient village of Brienno on Lake Como

Just 20 minutes from Como, Brienno is certainly one of the most evocative villages on the western shore of the Lario . Welcoming and ancient are the two adjectives that encapsulate its essence, which emerges from the wooded slope of a green hill.

The presence of a "Via Labirinto" well describes the nature of its alleys, narrow and mysterious, connected to each other by stairways with an ancient flavour. Visiting Brienno in fact means going back in time, to the era when there was not yet the mass tourism we are used to today, and the villages were inhabited by farmers and fishermen. In short, here you can savor the authentic atmosphere of Lake Como .

The advice we give you? Get lost in its twisted and endless alleys, and like on a treasure hunt, go and discover its secret places, which have remained intact for over a century and immersed in the characteristic lagoon landscape of which you never get tired!  

Photo by Larius Way

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