Bellagio Lake Como

Bellagio Lake Como, the spectacular village on the top of the Lariano Triangle

All along the Lake Como few places are more romantic than Bellagio (not by chance called "La Perla del Lago"), a real jewel that shines on the summit of the Lariano Triangle, at the point where the two branches of the lake divide.

This position guarantees it a wide panorama, which dominates both the Como and Lecco coasts, offering a great variety of naturalistic glimpses.

What to see in Bellagio on Lake Como

Elegant and lively, it is a strong point of Como tourism, capable of bewitching practically anyone. Think that a Bellagio 3 casinos have been dedicated (including the most famous in Las Vegas), a motorcycle line, a skyscraper, several streets in Los Angeles and even an asteroid!

Visiting the old Borgo, you walk through narrow alleys and characteristic cobbled stairways, surrounded by suggestive homes and colorful nshops with handicraft products of fine workmanship and gastronomic tastings of excellent quality.

Throughout its history, the town has always maintained a close link with the lake and navigation. This relationship can be known and relived by visiting the Navigation Museum, which collects over two hundred objects that in past centuries have allowed man to orient himself in the sea and navigate towards new worlds.

Villa Serbelloni and Villa Melzi

The most fascinating aspect of this ancient village are certainly its villas, whose beauty is recognized globally.

Among these the most famous is certainly Villa Serbelloni, an immense building of eighteenth-century tradition which today has become a prestigious Grand Hotel, and which every year hosts international conferences.

If you want to enjoy an exclusive view of the Lake Como we recommend a guided tour of its park, which develops on the upper part of the Bellagio promontory with over 18 km of avenues and paths surrounded by a large quantity of rare and exotic plants.

© Photo by Larius Way

Another wonderful building that we find in Bellagio is Villa Melzi and his gardens, whose visit is open to the public for most of the year.

The strong point is certainly its immense green area, which collects artifacts of great artistic and historical value including a Venetian gondola, now Bellagio by the will of Napoleon, and a charming neoclassical chapel.

The first Larian example of an English garden, the whole park is embellished with statues, busts and works from different eras, which blend perfectly with the scent of flowers, the green gardens and the fresh breeze from the lake, giving your summer afternoon a atmosphere of pure enchantment.

House of Flying Bicycles - Bellagio

Home of the “flying bikes”

There home of flying bikes it is a place where you can take some really special photographs, we are in the hamlet of San Giovanni in Bellagio.

The carpenter Ivan Gilardoni he transformed his house into a tourist attraction, his passion for vintage bikes prompted him to hang the so-called "flying bikes", more or less historic models collected over the years, on the facade.

Basilica of San Giacomo and Church of San Giorgio

Another visit to make is the important thing Basilica of San Giacomo, a church that dates back to the 12th century and made entirely of gray stone where numerous works of a certain importance are kept inside.

One of the most important works of the basilica we point out the valuable Deposition of Jesus in the tomb, attributed with a certain certainty to Perugino.

If you have time left, you can pay a short visit to the church of San Giorgio, also dating back to the 12th century, inside you will find a wooden statue depicting the Our Lady of the Belt which represents one of the religious symbols of Bellagio and has always been the object of great popular devotion.

This statue is in fact carried in procession during the village festival, which is celebrated in the month of September.

Things to do in Bellagio on Lake Como

A tour to discover the villages of the central lake, an excursion of about two hours that will take you by boat to the most fascinating places in the center of the lake.

Among these are the villages of Varenna, Menaggio, Saint John, Tremezzo And Lenno.

Carve out some time to take a walk immersed in places rich in beauty and history, enjoying breathtaking landscapes considered among the most beautiful in the world.

For those who love walking and trekking, there are many itineraries of varying difficulty on the promontory. The Bellagio tourist office can show you the wide choice of proposals for walking itineraries or bicycle or e-bike routes.

© Photo by Bellagio Water Sports

In the warmer periods and for those who love water sports, there is the possibility of exploring the lake with a kayak tour thanks to Bellagio Water Sports, about an hour and a half paddling on Lake Como starting from Pescallo beach and then heading towards the cliffs of the Rockefeller Foundation and the lakefront of Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni.

A wonderful panorama directly from the kayak.