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Argegno Lake Como

Argegno, a splendid village on Lake Como cut in two by the Telo river. A very popular destination for tourists and motorcyclists.
Argegno Lake Como

Argegno on Lake Como, a village loved by tourists

About 20 km from Como, along the Regina state road which runs along the western shore of the Lario, lies Argegno, one of the most typical and appreciated locations by tourists from all over the world.

Of Roman origin, its ancient village became a strategic fortification in the medieval period to prevent the passage of invaders.

Cut in two from Telo river, around which picturesque stone buildings are placed, the two parts of the village communicated through an ancient Romanesque bridge, still passable today. The most recently built area instead climbs the slopes of the mountain in a sunny and panoramic area.

Thanks to the presence of numerous hotels, bars and restaurants, Argegno has a lot to offer and is perfect for both an extended stay and a short stop, especially in the summer period, enjoying a walk immersed in the magical atmosphere offered by the splendid Lake Como.

The town is located at the entrance to the Intelvi Valley, an area that gives access to beautiful excursions. Furthermore, via a cable car, from Argegno can be reached Lazy (881m), a lovely village from which you can enjoy a wide, breathtaking panorama of the lake and the eastern side of the valley.

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