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Hi, I'm a Yoga teacher in Como ! My name is Fabiola and a few years ago I chose to dedicate my life to my greatest passion: yoga. A thousand-year-old discipline and spiritual practice of personal growth, yoga brings numerous benefits on a psychophysical level and harmonizes the body-energy-mind system. Seeing is believing! ????

I was born and raised in Milan and out of love I decided to move to Como. Right here, almost a year ago, I opened my yoga studio @dahliayogastudio ( ), a small oasis of peace, a space created to welcome passionate practitioners.

I remember well the feeling I felt when I entered my first yoga center. I was intoxicated by the scent of incense, by the sweet tone of the teacher's voice. I was calm. I felt my body flowing from one Asana (yoga postures) to another as if in a dance, my breathing was calm and so was my mind, I was at peace.

Thus began my journey between yoga lessons and courses , trips to the East, training and the realization of a dream: a yoga studio of my own .

On my personal Instagram profile @fabiola.magistro you can find my entire journey in the world of yoga and something about my private life, vegetarian cooking, home and travel.

On the Instagram profile @dahliayogastudio, however, you can find everything about life in Dahlia: timetables, lessons, pills and curiosities about yoga!