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Tattoo artist on Lake Como, Miss Purple

HI! My name is Dalila and I'm a slightly grown up girl, alas! I have always had a passion for drawing since I was little, I remember that while I was watching Disney films I had fun trying to reproduce her characters. I attended art high school and then ended up working for several years in the world of Interior Design. After that the turning point, I finally follow what I like and with a push I throw myself into the world of tattooing.

My passion was born one day when I decided to tattoo a small spiral on my wrist alone (things that everyone has done, right?) but from there this idea of ​​being able to process it over time and really be able to dedicate myself to this set of needles and ink.

Tattooing today for me is not just a job, but a combination of emotions: it's nice to see people happy, it's nice to talk to them, hear different opinions, compare notes, talk about journeys of knowledge, about things that are good for you!

On my Instagram profile I try to put the most representative photos of what I know how to do, so basically you will find an exhibition of work and leather! I can offer professionalism, gained from about ten years of experience, to advise without being intrusive, propose my ideas or simply listen to what the customer wants to imprint on the skin and then process it without distorting his idea but making it executable.

In addition to that, on my page you will notice that I follow a wonderful, but at the same time painful, sport, namely PoleDance, which I recently discovered but to which I would dedicate body and soul because it gives enormous satisfaction... as enormous as bruises!