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Como pianist Anna Bottani

HI! My name is Anna, I'm 22 and I come from Appiano Gentile. I love the art, the nature and especially the music. In fact, she is the constant engine of my life, as well as my work.

My father, having studied as a baritone as a young man, has always been a great music lover, and this has never been lacking in our family. As a child I liked to sing and improvise concerts on the piano we had at home: they were concerts made up of messy and meaningless notes, dictated by the sole inspiration of the moment of a little 5-year-old girl.

One day my parents decided to send me to a piano lesson. From there it all started. In fact, today I am a pianist, graduated from the Como Conservatory, and I'm perfecting the Haute École de Musique of Lausanne, which allows me to better cultivate the idea of music that I love: the deepest one, more linked to one's emotions and one's way of being.

My dream? Being a 360° musician, and for this reason it's been three years since I've put orchestra conducting alongside piano study! Furthermore, for a couple of years, I have combined my love for music with that of visual art: I organize a musical season that is divided between Como and Appiano Gentile, to show the "hidden" beauties that our area can offer .

My page Instagram it's about a little bit of everything I see, hear, experience: the places I've visited, the places I've lived, the music I've played, the concerts I've done and attended. In short, my greatest passions! I can offer good music (at least I hope!), and share photos of places that have particularly impressed me and moments of fun!