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Painter in Como, Alessia Riccardi

HI! My name is Alessia, I'm a 27 year old girl and my greatest passion is art! I think art is everywhere, only the way that each of us perceives it changes! I attended the Setificio graduating in 2012 and I started working as a textile designer immediately after graduating in a well-known company in the Como area! I've been doing this job for almost 8 years and I'm glad I was able to express my passion for drawing at work too!

I have been cultivating this passion since I was little. My parents say that when I was 3 I was already spending most of my time drawing, and it was certainly the thing I liked most to do!

My parents also attended a high school dedicated to drawing so I think this passion runs right in the family! In any case, I can't imagine my life or myself without drawing, it's a need that comes from within and that I always have to unleashโ€ฆ Sometimes I even get up late in the evening to finish paintings for myself or for whoever commission!

I have 2 Instagram profiles, one personal and the other dedicated only to my paintings! Lately I'm very satisfied drawing on wooden boards of various sizes and on my Instagram profiles I usually post all my drawings, both finished and photos of them in the middle or short videos where I'm creating them! My favorite subjects are i flowers they animals, subjects that I love so much!

Anyone interested in having a memory of their pet or of a beautiful flower or in any case of a unique hand painted of which there are no other replicas, you can write to me and I will be happy to donate a part of my passion to anyone who can appreciate it, placing faith in my abilities and in my passion!