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Florar Designer Lake Como

Floral Designer, wedding arrangements and events on Lake Como

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HI! We are Ombretta, Aldo and Claudia, owners of the shop Fioriinriga. We are practically a family/team and in addition to taking care of the shop, we prepare wedding arrangements and events, and we have been organizing for a few years creative workshops where we teach how to create centerpieces or bouquets.

Flowers have always accompanied us in our lives. When we returned home from walks in the meadows or woods, our hands were full of all kinds of flowers or natural elements.

One day, something clicked in us. We decided to transform the rooms under the house, which once housed our grandparents' tavern, into our first shop. We were there for 20 years, and although we moved to the current shop 12 years ago, we have never abandoned those premises, making them our laboratory.

For many years our priority has been to make people dream with flowers and plants, and often a relationship is established with customers that goes beyond the simple request for service. For example, a married couple from Los Angeles, who chose us and our boyfriend Lake Como as a place to join in marriage, defined us as “their Italian family“.

On our profile Instagram you will find everything related to our floral world, offering you the opportunity to learn more about our work and discover who we are.