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Luca Pompele

Climber and Mountaineer, Luca Pompele

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hello I'm Luca Pompele I'm 26 years old and I live in Milan. I currently work for sports specialist (a company producing technical mountain products), as a laboratory technician and salesman in the mountaineering, climbing and ski mountaineering departments. I love experiencing the mountains at 360 degrees and in my free time I like to practice the sports I love; in the summer I climb, run in the mountains and move at high altitudes (4000m in the Alps), in the winter I practice ski mountaineering and ice waterfalls.

My favorite terrain is the large walls crossed by climbing routes and the endless wild ridges of the Alps. From an early age my father instilled in me his love for the mountains and nature by taking me around the Alpine areas (especially the Dolomites) in a camper.

So I started trekking and skiing at an early age. I soon started doing orienteering and mountain running competitions for many years until I started discovering the wilder sides of it. So I started climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering and ski mountaineering. Now I love being able to combine the speed resulting from years of racing with the technique of a rock or ice route.

For a few years now, the idea of taking another step in my life as a mountaineer and embarking on the path to becoming mountain guide, we'll see!

On my page Instagram I talk about what I love to practice as much as possible light, clean and eco friendly, of my adventures with friends in the mountains at home and elsewhere, and of the process that I hope will lead me to make the mountains my life.

I offer a stimulating and sincere profile which aims to convey the true and clean values of going to the mountains. Everyone has the opportunity to live their adventures according to their own rules, regardless of whether they move light and fast with little equipment for their ridges or whether they follow a technical route, or whether they simply go to the mountains.