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Grandma Duck

cantu granna duck ice cream shop

Ice cream shop in Cantù, Nonna Papera. Artisanal ice cream on Lake Como.

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HI! We are Alessandra and Luca, two young engaged people with the common dream of open an ice cream shop, a dream that came true in February 2011, with the birth of Grandma Duck!

Over these years we have grown as a couple, getting married in 2013, grown as a family, having a baby girl in 2017, and grown at a professional level, putting in love and passion and the desire to learn and improve ourselves.

Alessandra was a university student and during the summer holidays she worked in an ice cream shop. Thanks to that experience she became passionate about the tasty world of ice cream. Luca is a chef with a passion for cooking, the knowledge and research of always different and excellent quality ingredients.

Today Alessandra takes care of the creation of semifreddos While Ice cream Luca.

Our profile Instagram it's about us, our work, our ice creams and the passion for the search for natural ingredients, fresh and of very high quality. We offer our followers a gourmet journey to discover history, curiosity And secrets of ice cream, and the products we use to prepare it. An educational and growth journey that we want to do together with you. We are waiting for you!


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