OCR athlete from Como Stefano Colombo

OCR athlete from Como

Hi, my name is Stefano and I'm a craftsman by trade. I'm a guy who works hard for what he wants and enjoys it. I dedicate my free time to fully enjoy this wonderful life, every opportunity it puts before us trying to make the most of it.

I like to experiment and venture beyond my knowledge and possibilities, growing and achieving what my goals are. Sometimes I fail, but I consider it a normal thing, otherwise I wouldn't learn to do better, to get back up, and to fully enjoy reaching my goals. I like to discover this world and all its differences. It is my base together with my family.

The set of various phases and lived actions have come together in this passion that are the OCR (Obstacles Course Races). This world allows me to travel, discovering And savoring different places and cultures, to test my physique and my mind for overcome physical and mental obstacles, and to get to know different people and be able to spend real time with them. I met my wife in this world and many friends.

I've always loved physical adventure in its entirety and this sport allows me to test my every ability: running in various environments and weather conditions, carrying weights, climbing and hanging, swimming, balancing.

My Instagram profile is about my life, mainly about adventures in this sport with places and the people I've met on my way. I'll take you to discover a sport known to few and I'll show you how I almost always manage to enhance the best aspects of this life through a strong and open mindset.

This sport has allowed me to discover a lot, I know for sure that my life would be more empty and different like myself. I think I'm still early days being only 27 and I can't wait to know what awaits me in the future. Nothing happens by chance, we are in balance in our existence whatever we do.