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From the office to the outdoors to grow your team!

Outdoor  Team Building Lake Como

Join us for an unforgettable outdoor team building experience on Lake Como . Get ready to immerse yourself in nature and get excited with outdoor activities and in contact with nature!

Here are some advantages of experiencing nature :

Regeneration of the body in nature

Nature has a regenerating effect on the mind and body.

Spending time immersed in nature reduces stress , increases concentration and promotes general well-being.

Strengthen the Team with outdoor activities

Through a variety of and fun activities , our outdoor team building promote mutual trust, effective communication and team spirit.

Challenges overcome together create lasting bonds and consolidate the relationship between team members.

Breaking the routine: from the office to nature

Moving away from traditional office environments is essential to stimulate the mind and give space to creativity .

Our outdoor team buildings offer a change of scenery that refreshes minds and invigorates team spirit.

Challenge and personal growth

activities offer a variety of challenges that test individual and group skills.

From an e-bike ride to team building on sailboats , each activity is designed to push participants beyond their limits, encouraging them to overcome challenges together.

Outdoor team building

The groups grow in proportion to the horizon that is proposed to them.

Nature as a stage for experimentation provides the energy and inspiration for the full expression of your team's potential.

The classroom we propose is located in nature or in various outdoor activities in a unique environment like that of Lake Como , where Nature and History find a magical balance.

Immersing yourself in nature or the outdoors offers a unique opportunity to stimulate creativity , reinvigorate the spirit and foster a broader perspective, thus helping to enhance the ability to solve problems in an innovative way and promote the mental and physical of the members of the team.

Why is Outdoor Team Building important?

Doing outdoor team building is essential because it enhances the importance of your company team, an asset that is enriched with the passage of time. 

It promotes the development of team spirit, cohesion and a sense of belonging to a common goal that goes beyond individual interests, making them essential elements to cultivate.

Outdoor Team Building: the advantages for your team between nature and sport


Outdoor Team Building: Improve teamwork and increase productivity

Strengthening the group dynamics of the people who work with you is essential to progress the projects you work on and increase the productivity of your company.

This translates into an increase in turnover, thanks to the serenity and teamwork of your team.

This is why we offer you exclusive Team Building experiences in the open air and in a unique location in the world, that of Lake Como.

Multiple solutions to bring out the differences of the participants and make the most of them, building team cohesion and allowing individuals to grow and have fun.

Experience nature, sport and the local tradition of Lake Como to the full

We are committed to organizing and offering outdoor team building experiences that make the most of the wonders of the surrounding area of ​​the lake.

From exciting e-bike excursions with panoramic stops and typical lunches , up to recreational-educational formats that involve the construction of rafts for exciting paddle challenges.

We offer a wide range of activities designed to strengthen team bonds and promote well-being in a breathtaking natural setting.

Learn to know yourself and manage stress

Team Building is not just limited to external collaboration, but is also an opportunity to explore our deepest feelings.

For this reason, in addition to traditional activities, we offer the opportunity to practice Yoga and meditation , ancient disciplines conducted by qualified masters.

Personal exploration is essential to best develop group synergy and manage stress , which is why we have included, in our proposals and examples of team building, a path focused on movement and well-being in all its forms.

Among the various practices, there is Aerial Yoga , a special form of Yoga that allows you to experiment with new movements in a fun and engaging .

Our proposals

The difficulty of the experience or of the different itineraries can be customized based on the Team's preferences

Additional and dedicated services can be implemented in our solutions, such as lunch or tasting with local products, special visits to the area in villas, monuments or attractions and much more.

Survival experiences

Unleash your adventurous spirit on small survival challenges . Guided by experts, you will face practical challenges such as lighting a fire, building improvised shelters and finding your way around the natural environment. This experience not only promotes cooperation and resilience , but also connects you with the beauty and nature of Lake Como.

Kayak tour in Bellagio on Lake Como
Water Sport Challenge

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable team building experience on Lake Como, with our focus on water sports and exciting challenges such as kayaking and canoeing. You'll face the waves of the lake as you work together with your team to overcome challenges.

This outdoor adventure promotes collaboration , trust and fun , creating unbreakable bonds between team members.

Outdoor games

Rekindle your passion for play and collaboration with our outdoor corporate team building . Through a variety of fun and challenging games, both classic and innovative, you will have the same fun as when you were a child and face problem solving challenges that will test your creativity and team spirit.

Orienteering & Base Camp​

Where camping and orienteering come together to create an unforgettable experience. Guided by our experts, you will learn fundamental survival and navigation as you collaborate with your colleagues to overcome challenging challenges.

Through outdoor adventure and teamwork, you will strengthen bonds, improve communication and foster mutual trust.

Hiking and trekking in nature

Through exciting excursions and breathtaking treks on Lake Como, you will join forces and support each other to reach the summit or complete the itinerary. Guided by our experts, you will develop trust, communication and team spirit as you discover the natural wonders of this beautiful region.

E-Bike excursions

Explore the beauty of Lake Como by E-Bike , guided by our experts, and enjoy delicious local lunches along the way. Join your team for an immersive experience that promotes communication, cohesion and team spirit, as you enjoy the natural and culinary wonders of this breathtaking region.

Stepping out of your comfort zone a little challenges and improves the support of your colleagues.

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Frequent questions

Team Building is a process aimed at improving relationships and cooperation within a group of individuals. It means working together to develop mutual trust, effective communication, collaboration and group cohesion. This can be done through a series of activities designed to promote teamwork, problem solving and the development of individual and collective skills. In essence, Team Building aims to create a harmonious and productive working environment, in which each team member feels valued and motivated to contribute to common success.

Team Buildings are organized by professionals specialized in the sector, who have the experience and skills necessary to plan and conduct effective activities. These entities can be event companies, corporate training agencies or consultants specialized in the field of group dynamics and organizational development. Their goal is to understand the client's specific needs and create a customized program that fosters team growth and improvement. These professional organizations are able to offer a wide range of activities and approaches, ensuring that Team Building is effective and engaging for all participants.

To increase team spirit, it is essential to create a collaborative and motivating environment that fosters mutual trust, open communication and group cohesion.

In our team buildings we carry out collaboration and trust activities where effective communication is needed to achieve shared objectives.

The activities are recreational, fun or problem solving, a way to work as a team by rewarding every small success.

Doing team building is crucial to consolidate bonds between team members, improve communication and mutual trust. Team building activities promote collaboration, problem solving and team spirit, helping to create a positive and motivating work environment.

Furthermore, it offers the opportunity to discover and develop individual and collective capabilities, thus improving the overall performance of the team. Finally, it is an opportunity to relax, have fun and create positive memories together, strengthening the sense of belonging and pride in belonging to the team.

The fundamental characteristic of team building is the promotion of collaboration,  group cohesion and stress management through engaging and interactive activities.

The best thing you can do is not to improvise a team building, but rely on companies that are experts in this sector, so as to reap the greatest benefits for your entire team.

There are many outdoor activities for corporate teambuilding, in our case we are located in the Lake Como area and we have the possibility of offering many different solutions of all kinds. 

In the open air it is possible to organize sports team building both in water and on land, outdoor games and survival and base camping activities.