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Our community matters over 11.500 passionate members in the Lake Como area, would you like to propose your business?

Make yourself known, welcome our followers and grow your business!

This is the Larius Way Gift, our gift to give you the chance to be there at no cost.

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Visibility in the Larius Way platform

Register your business to make you available to our followers and anyone who finds you thanks to our promotional activities.

You will have a dedicated and optimized web page to be found by Google.

Furthermore you will appear in our search results, negli articles, in marketing campaign, In institutional events, online. Everyday over 400 people visit the tabs on Larius Way.

We also promote you on our social channels

We promote your business via our social channels with dedicated stories and posts.

The Larius Way community exceeded 11.500 people, all curious to discover new proposals, local products and experiences to live.

And would you like to miss all this?
Imagine how much work and how much money it would cost you to do it yourself…

No cost, enjoy
Larius Way Gift

We want to give you a gift and give you the opportunity to get started for free to enjoy all the advantages of our platform.

No fees and no subscriptions.

Immediate access to many benefits, services e content exclusive to let you know and increase your business at zero cost.

Why should you be part of the Larius Way community?

We want to give you some information on the results achieved to date: every day we try hard to improve e to reveal new luoghi, organisers' activities ed experiences in the Lake Como area.

We would love to have you in our community.

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The Larius Way Community counts for more than 11.500 enthusiasts, always attentive to local activities and eager to try them.


Users who visit the site every day and consult our contents. Their number increases daily.

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The contents published in our social profiles have reached 60.000 account organically.

All you have to do is say you're there.

The people in our community they are curious and passionate,  they really want to discover new realities e try new experiences.

This is why we created the platform Larius Way, a place to bring together enthusiasts and local activities of Lake Como and its surroundings.

Local products o handmade, unique experiences e exclusive services they are constantly sought after by enthusiasts.

Our commitment is to welcome them and direct them towards those who can satisfy them.

Do you want to be with us? You just have to sign up for free and make your services available to the Community!


Can Larius Way be useful to you too?

You know it very well: any local business needs a good online presence to attract new customers, but it takes skills, commitment, time and money.

Don't have them? Join the Community and we'll take care of it!

Seize the opportunities of digital communication

Register your business to be visible on our platform.

You will also receive an website dedicated e optimized to be found on Google, and we will report you to the thousands of enthusiasts present in the Community.

You will also appear in searches and in our articles, read every day by over 400 users.

We put in the time and skills

Everyone has their own skills

You think about your work, about improving your offers, about the new services to offer, in short concentrate on what you know how to do and what you are passionate about!

We think about marketing, to promotion, to increase the number of people interested in your business.

And then we'll let you meet.

Accelerate and Multiply

This is what we do:

LET'S ACCELERATE your growth by immediately giving you the chance to be seen by thousands of people truly interested in your business.

LET'S MULTIPLY the effectiveness of your offers, selectively proposing them to enthusiasts who are looking for nothing more than your news.

Let's speed it up
discovery of Lake Como.

We are a community, we are passionate people.

We accelerate the discovery of the territory by uniting people eager for extraordinary experiences with the local activities able to offer them.​


What we do best is communicate in a young and dynamic way, and we do it in perfect Larius Way style.

Being part of our Community places you in an ecosystem where enthusiasts meet local activities, and vice versa.

Behind Larius Way there is a team of people competent in Digital Marketing, perfectly capable of supporting and assisting you to grow your business.

We want to forge a strong and lasting bond with local businesses, to work together and let our Community discover what you have to offer.

Don't have the time to dedicate to digital communication?

It's normal for this to be the case, you have to dedicate time and resources to your business and to doing what you know how to do.

We talked to many businesses like yours, and we realized one thing: 

Most of you find it difficult to make yourself visible online, despite dedicating time and investing a lot of money in digital.

The problem is always the same: you invest money in agencies, social strategies or advertising campaigns without having concrete results.


You just have to make your professionalism available to our community. That's all.


Invest in enhancing your experiences or creating new ones

Think about strengthening your offer or improving your services, invest in what you have to offer and know how to do best.

Don't waste time and money paying agencies or advertising campaigns without guaranteed results.

Everyone sells "visibility" but at the end of the day they don't bring you anything tangible, but they want the money anyway.

That's right, spending money on advertising campaigns doesn't mean guaranteed results.

We at Larius Way have revolutionized the concept:

PRIMA we have invested and worked for years to gain the trust and attention of enthusiasts, who in their thousands follow and appreciate us.

POI we gave local businesses the opportunity to be part of the Community, bringing together supply and demand with mutual benefit.

Free it's what it costs you to be part of our world, so no fees or hidden costs, you can start for free.

What if we sell something for you, using our platform?

We will only need a small percentage that we will agree on. We are proud to finally be able to offer a collaboration focused on the result obtained, not about small talk.

A strategic collaboration.

We really like the idea of collaboration, work in synergy to improve, growing up e create a lasting relationship over time with realities like yours.

We work very hard, contributing with all our means to create a perfect experience and promote it in the best possible way.

The goal is to offer something unique and exciting to people, to promote ourselves and grow together.


Do you know our Larius Creators?

Content will no longer be a problem, our Creators are always ready to create beautiful and dynamic content for social networks.

Together with the activities we collaborate with, we can organize outings to create photo and video content dedicated to digital promotion.

A mix of professional and dynamic content gives the possibility of covering part of the publications on social networks and having material to insert on the website, magazines or promotional flyers.

We are the only ones in the area to have a group of people carefully chosen to create high quality content on Lake Como.

They are creative, love adventure and are even a little crazy.

A professional card optimized for your business

How many times have you thought about creating your own website?

Sure, a nice idea, but the costs are high and above all without specific marketing it would remain invisible, therefore useless.

With your professional card on Larius Way get visibility and promotion immediately, the whole Community will immediately see who you are and what you offer.

Access exclusive services and new business opportunities.
All for free, thanks to the Larius Way Gift.

Your local business within reach of your smartphone

Did you know that most people use their smartphone for the internet, Google or social networks?

More than 85% of people use smartphones to navigate and inform themselves on any topic.

Your professional profile on Larius Way is optimized for viewing on mobile devices, facilitating consultation and promoting the readability of information.

A simple and functional dashboard to monitor your activity

Together with your dedicated professional profile, you will have a dashboard containing all the information necessary to follow the progress of your business on the Larius Way portal.

You can monitor visits, clicks and where visitors come from, you will also have the opportunity to consult exclusive content or manage and update your profile.

Open the doors of your business!

Register your local business on our platform and start enjoying the benefits of the Larius Way Gift, our way of welcoming you.