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Caterina Martino

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Food Photographer Como and blogger, Caterina Martino.

HI! I'm Catherine, food photographer in Como. I love cooking and photography! After realizing that law wasn't for me, I managed to find a hobby, which has now become work, which allows me to reconcile these two passions of mine, without taking time away from my family.

I don't know exactly when this passion was born. I think it's a characteristic of mine that was hidden for a while, but since I discovered it I couldn't do without it.

That's how I started too post my photos on social media and shortly after I felt the need to link a blog to it, to be able to tell myself as best I can.
I am a creative mind (and also a good fork): put me in the kitchen with a well-stocked pantry and in a short time I will have prepared a complete menu! My cuisine remains well rooted in tradition and the seasonality of products.

I have no particular diets or restrictions, I like to find the right balance with the ingredients I have available. I also like to spoil my guests at the table, because I find it a way to convey my affection towards them. Finally, I like to capture the details of what I have created or immortalize some moments of conviviality at the table or outdoors.

My IG profile tells about my daily life: what I prepare to eat for my family, sharing tricks and tips, the activities I do with my daughter and the places and places I visit. I try to tell a story, closely linked to seasonality, in terms of products, places, activities and landscapes.
Who follows me you will find a repertoire of well over 200 recipes on my blog, which vary from appetizers to desserts and also include recipes from around the world.

I also collaborate with various companies/venues, for which I offer photographic services (of their products, their menu or their venue) or who I support in managing their growth on social media.