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Live A Unique Experience On 2 Wheels!

Electric Bike Rental Lake Como

Live an unforgettable experience discovering the Lake Como thanks to Lake Como electric bike rental.

Immerse yourself in nature and get excited exploring alone, with your friends or even together with Us.

Electric bike rental Lake Como

Sustainable and nature experience

Our electric bikes are an eco-friendly way to explore Lake Como without leaving an ecological footprint, you help preserve the natural beauty of this extraordinary place.

Guided tours or freedom of E-Bike rental

You can choose between a guided tour, where local experts will lead you through the most fascinating places and stories of the area, or opt to rent our e-bikes to explore independently, following your own pace.

An adventure suitable for everyone

Our e-bikes are suitable for all ages and levels of preparation. We make the exploration of Brunate and its mountains accessible to everyone, so as to provide every participant with an exciting experience.

A different way to explore

Outdoor activities push participants beyond their limits, stimulating personal growth e awareness of their abilities.


Electric bike rental Como: not the usual experience!

Our guided tours are designed to offer you anengaging experience e authentic.

We will take you along the panoramic itineraries that wind through the Lake Como, revealing the best kept secrets of this enchanted place.

Along the way, you can stop to savor local delicacies and take breathtaking photographs.

You will explore the picturesque village of brunate immersing yourself in the culture and history of this place.

Our local guides will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with interesting information about the places we will visit.

What to expect from our tours or e-bike rental?

All ours experiences they were designed with the same care that we put into the activities that concern our daily lives.

I details are fundamental and we believe that each of these packages, with its characteristics and methods, allows you to fully enjoy this trip, aboard yours E bike or with the sole help of your abilities.

Choose the one that best suits your needs and we'll take care of the rest.

E-Bike rental Como: the opportunities of the electric bike


Fun and easy to use

Are you not an expert cyclist? No problem! Our e-bikes are extremely intuitive and easy to use.

The electric motor will provide extra thrust while pedaling, making climbs less challenging and allowing you to enjoy your adventure in a relaxing and comfortable way.

Carlotta during the ebike tour


Explore further!

Thanks to the assistance of the electric motor, you can cover greater distances than a traditional bicycle.

This will allow you to explore a wide range of enchanting places around brunate on Lake Como without tiring you and without giving up destinations that are distant or less accessible with other forms of transport.


Away from the crowd and surrounded by nature!

Avoid the crowds of tourists present at the various points of interest on the for a few hours Lake Como.

Treat yourself to a moment of exploration immersed in nature, a unique experience that will allow you to discover the historic village of Brunate, the mountains nearby with breathtaking views and local culinary specialties.

Don't miss the opportunity to have an experience full of emotions and beauty, combining sport and nature.

What do we propose?

All ours electric bike experiences on Lake Como they were designed with the same care that we put into the activities that concern our daily lives.

Details are fundamental and we believe that each of these packages, with its features and methods, allow you to fully enjoy this trip, on board your E-Bike or with the sole aid of your skills.

Choose the one that best suits your needs and we'll take care of the rest.

1. Discover the Brunate Lighthouse

Since 1927 the Voltiano lighthouse it dominates the entire valley and illuminates, thanks to its 29 meters of height, Como and the villages below.

It is at the center of this package, a journey that will allow us to discover one of the most evocative locations in the area and reveal all its secrets.

2. Discover the village of Brunate and its surroundings

A complete and totally customizable itinerary, to discover everything there is to know about the Brunate area.

On board our e-bike, guided by one expert guide who knows every hidden corner of these places, the goal is to enjoy spectacular views, to walk along paths that fork through the woods and breathe deeply of the clean mountain air just 7 minutes by funicular from Como.

3. E-Bike and Wellness Experience

This package was built for those who want to have all the comforts and live in the name of well-being and peace discovery of the territory from start to finish.

In fact, our guide will pick you up directly at the train station Como funicular and will take you to brunate, to enjoy a fully customizable experience with our electric bikes.

Decide whether to end the journey with a local lunch or with a wine tasting with views of the Alps and Lake Como, included in the price.

Electric bike rental Lake Como
4. Rent an Electric Bike

If you prefer to venture out alone or in the company of your friends to discover Brunate, all you have to do is rent our e-bike on Lake Como.

We will give you some indications on the route and you can decide the difficulty and duration.

Here's what they say about us

Read the words of those who have already lived this experience!

Marco C.

Excellent experience: extremely kind staff and attentive to customer needs. High quality and perfectly maintained MTBs. The position is strategic for various routes on that side.
Keep it up !

Elijah G.

On clear days in Brunate you can enjoy an exceptional panorama in several places which includes the entire western branch of Lake Como, a good part of the Po Valley and then the Oltrepo, the Ligurian Apennines and Monte Rosa, I think there is no What was better than admiring this wonderful view on the fantastic e-bike... An experience to absolutely try.

Lucas A.

Fantastic experience! Giacomo is phenomenal in explaining to you in detail all the gems of Brunate and e-bikes are a way to do sporting activities without getting tired and enjoy a panoramic tour with breathtaking views.

Super recommended!

Elizabeth B.

Highly recommend Discover Brunati e-bike rental! Great friendly service, awesome bikes and crazy beautiful views.

Luke M

Wonderful places, exceptional experience. I would consider it one of the activities to include in the agenda even if you spend a few days in Como. The tour guide is experienced and has excellent knowledge of the Brunate area.

Luca F.

Friendly staff, excellent directions, beautiful places and perfect MTBs! We had a lot of fun and with the right compromise. Advised!

Request your experience between sport and nature now

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Is the difficulty of the packages customizable?
Absolutely yes, the difficulty of the various packages and outdoor activities can be completely customized according to your needs or requests.

No, our packages also include the technical equipment to carry out the various activities.

Trekking shoes, a backpack and a bottle of water are recommended.

There is no minimum number of participants, we accept both small groups and larger teams up to a maximum of 20 people.

The difficulty is customizable, you will take a ride with professionals who will be able to help you in any circumstance.

Then what's better than overcoming some fears?

We recommend arriving in Brunate via the historic funicular, we will come to pick you up in Como and then go up together and show you a breathtaking view of Lake Como.

A few words about us.

Larius Way collaborates with local entities such as Discover Brunate to offer services experiences on Lake Como, trying to make known the beauties of this area and to experience unforgettable moments in contact with nature.

Discover Brunate

They want to offer an exclusive trip, dedicated to well-being and the discovery of one of the most evocative places in the entire Lombardy area: Brunate.

They are wellbeing professionals and offer many different solutions to introduce you to an uncontaminated territory, breathtaking views, unique views and local traditions.

They are waiting for you e-bike routes, excursions that will take your breath away, yoga e fitness in nature e local tastings with spectacular views.

Are you ready to get excited?