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Sprizzottolo waterfall: out-of-town trip to Valsassina

The Sprizzottolo waterfall is located in Introbio in Valsassina, along the spectacular cycle/pedestrian path from Barzio to Taceno.
Sprizzottolo waterfall

Sprizzottolo waterfall in Introbio

There Sprizzottolo waterfall is located in Introbio in Valsassina, along the spectacular cycle/pedestrian path from Barzio to Taceno.

The cycle path is approximately 13 kilometers long and is also perfect for a family bike ride with children.

There are so many places to visit Valsassina, especially for a trip out of town during the weekends together with family and friends, with lots of activities immersed in nature and breathing fresh air.

Sprizzottolo waterfall: what to see in Introbio

During your walk or while you are riding your bicycle on the cycle/pedestrian path, stop at the Sprizzottolo waterfall is a must, you will find a characteristic bridge where you can take a photograph.

How to get

From Lecco take the road della Valsassina. Just before entering Introbio, turn left into a small road where you can park near the cycle path.

Starting instead from the center of Introbio la Sprizzottolo waterfall it can be reached with a twenty minute walk on the cycle path towards Pasturo.

To see in the surrounding area: in Introbio there is another waterfall, the Troggia.

Also present is the Grigne group and is deservedly loved by hikers and climbers.