Spina Verde Como - Trail 7 - Pin Umbrela
  • Starting location: Via dei Pini 10, Cavallasca or Villa Imbonati Town Hall

  • Length: about 4 kilometers
  • Elevation gain: about 200 m
  • Duration: about 2 hours
  • Precautions: in the same area of the park there are two other paths: 2 and 8.

Spina Verde Como: path 7 between trenches and panoramic points

The path 7 of the Spina Verde she is a beautiful walk around Como perfect for those looking for an interesting path both from an educational historical point of view and from a panoramic one.

In fact, along this route you will have the opportunity to discover (and why not, travel!) what remains of the trenches of the Cadorna Line dating back to WWI.

But not only! Along the path 7 of the Spina Verde you will also find the highest point of the park and two panoramic balconies that will leave you speechless.

Although lasting a couple of hours and having a slightly uphill first section, this one walk is simple and suitable for everyone. It is no coincidence that this section of the park is also often visited by school groups.

We also recommend this trail to anyone looking for a MTB route inside the Spina Verde.

Picture of Come home – Larius Way

Departure from Cavallasca path 7 of the Spina Verde

In our opinion, the most convenient point from which to start if you arrive by car is Via dei Pini 10 in Cavallasca, there are not many places available but access to the path is so close that it is worth a try.

Alternatively, it is possible to park near the Town hall of Villa Imbonati. From here continue past the church of San Michele, the schools and kindergarten in Via Monte Sasso.

Since it is a ring, it is possible to start your walk to discover the path of the trenches also starting from San Fermo della Battaglia in Via Giasca.

What we will tell you below is the itinerary that starts from Cavallasca; whatever the starting point, if you follow the trail 7, you will still encounter everything that we are telling you.

Fort of Monte Sasso (Cadorna Line)

The first stop is certainly to be reserved for the main shelter of the fort of Monte Sasso. It is a sort of shelter that was used as a shelter for soldiers, but also as a place dedicated to storing food and ammunition.

Entering a little further into the woods, one easily arrives at the complex of trenches and walkways built with the aim of creating safe routes that would allow soldiers to move from one trench to another.

This is probably the most suggestive and characteristic part of the path. Entering and walking these walkways is a very special experience that we recommend you do.

Also not to be missed are the remains of the machine gun emplacements and the drinking trough.

Picture of Come home – Larius Way

Panoramic points of Trail 7 in the Spina Verde Park

As anticipated, this walk also allows you to reach several panoramic points on Lake Como.

To get to Umbrella pin and its beautiful balcony overlooking the Lake Como just continue your walk along the trail 7 following the simple indications of the signs, the road is very simple.

Once you get here you can enjoy the view of the first basin of the lake, of all the towns at the foot of the path and of the Generoso, Bisbino and San Primo mountains. If you plan to have a picnic, this is the place!

Leaving the balcony on the left and continuing the walk in the opposite direction from which you have arrived, you can easily reach the panoramic point of Monte Sasso, as well as the highest point of the park, definitely worth seeing if you are in this area of the Green plug.

Unlike the previous view, in this case the real stars are the mountains.

We thank the author Ilaria di Come home for the article, here is his Instagram profile.