• Length: about 2.5 kilometers

  • Elevation gain: about 250 meters
  • Duration: about 1 hour

  • Precautions: some exposed and narrow passages

The Sentee di Sort and the Cascata di Cam: a splendid walk from Rovenna to Moltrasio

The Sentee by Sort it is a short walk full of glimpses and panoramic points on the Lake Como, in the mountains of Larian Triangle and on the underlying countries, about 2.5 kilometres it starts from Rovenna and arrives at the hamlet of Casarico above the village of Moltrasio.

An itinerary accessible all year round with some small precautions in case of rain or in winter, both for the mud and for some slippery points due to the rocks present in the route.

This excursion is also suitable for families with children of at least 6/7 years of age, who must always be under the watchful eye of their parents due to some exposed and narrow passages where you have to be careful.

Starting point of the Sentee di Sort in Rovenna

Find the starting point of the Sentee of Sort it is very simple, just get to Rovenna by car and park the car at the cemetery, going up the road you will find a yellow sign on the right with directions for the route. At the beginning of the path you will find some crossroads, always keep left until the path becomes single. (Starting point directions)

What you will find on the route of the Sentee of Sort

Along the way you will find suggestive glimpses of the Lake Como in a unique setting where you can take beautiful photographs, and if the day is sunny, the rays of light passing through the trees will create a magical and relaxing atmosphere.

On the route there are tables and benches where you can take a short break or possibly enjoy a packed lunch, for the more curious there is the possibility of reading up on the various scenarios found on the Sentee by Sort to discover their history and origin.

At some point you will find yourself surrounded by several quarries of the famous “Moltrasio stone“, this is the locality of Niasc, one of the 8 active quarries of this town.

The Cam waterfall in Moltrasio, to give a "refresh" to your excursion

After reaching the hamlet of Casarico, follow the paved road on the left going towards the "water places", you will immediately find a path that takes you after a few meters to the Cam waterfall or Moltrasio waterfall.

A small waterfall at the end of Sentee by Sort that gives an extra touch to the walk,

Thanks to our Creator Gianluca Corradetti for sending us some shots of the trail.