Piani Resinelli and walkways on the Belvedere

Piani Resinelli and the spectacular walkway over the Belvedere, starting from Parco Valentino in Lecco

THE Resinelli plans (from the name of the family that owned it), are a plateau of 1200 meters high in the Lombard Pre-Alps, which extends over the municipalities of Lecco, Abbadia Lariana, Mandello del Lario And Ballabio.

This place is easily accessible by car from Lecco and Milan, passing the city at 1400 meters of pure charm.

THE Resinelli plans they offer many experiences different ones that adapt to every taste and age: trekking, relaxation, climbing and a unique place for those who love taking photographs.

The Belvedere most beautiful in Lombardy is found here in Valsassina, a perfect place for a Sunday with the family, a walk as a couple or with friends. Easily reachable from Brianza, Lecco and Milan.

Origins of the Resinelli Plans

Its origins are very ancient, dating back to the 17th century when the Alippi family began to use them as a mountain pasture. At the end of the 19th century the first refuges were built: in 1899 that of the Milanese mountaineering society, and in 1911 the Carlo Porta refuge.

At the beginning of the 20th century, on the other hand, the first driveway was built which connected Ballabio to the Resinelli plans.

After it there was a boom in tourism and from there the construction of shelters, hotels, and above all ski resorts. Right here in 1913 the SEL (Lecchesi excursionists society), organized the first Italian championships.

In the 80s, however, the decline began. Attendance dropped and even the snow began to decrease, so that the lifts were abandoned.

What to do at Piani Resinelli

THE Resinelli plans are located at the foot of the famous Grignetta, for this reason they have become the starting point for many excursions:

  • CLIMBING: If you love the mountains and climbing you are in the right place, from here there are numerous paths, more or less steep, which have been a training ground for many Spiders, among which the great one stands out Riccardo Cassin.
  • TREKKING: If, on the other hand, you prefer a more peaceful activity, you can choose a beautiful one trekking in Valentino Park, an easy walk, lasting about an hour. This is a very tourist destination, as it allows you to reach both the Mount Coltignone, both the Panoramic walkway on the Belvedere.
  • ADVENTURE PARK: next to the entrance to the valentino park, there is also another noteworthy park, the adventure park. It consists of 11 paths in the trees, which will make you walk on Tibetan bridges, log walkways and zip ropes, equipped with a harness and carabiners.
  • MINING PARK: at Piani Resinelli it is possible to visit the lead mines, which operated from the 16th century until the Second World War, known for having brought about a significant development in the iron and steel sector of Lecco.

The beautiful location at the foot of the Grigne Group offers a spectacular panoramic view of Lake Como, the perspective from this point is so suggestive that in the winter season we call this glimpse "Larius Fjords“, in full Norwegian style.

© Photo by Matthew Fomasi And Evija Trusaite – Larius Way

Parco Valentino: paths and panoramic point

The brand new panoramic walkway is certainly one of the most sought-after destinations of the Resinelli plans, a balcony suspended in space that will allow you to admire the spectacular view of the Lecco branch of the Lake Como.

Reaching it is simple, you must enter the Parco Valentino for free and follow the directions on the route to the belvedere.

After a pleasant walk of about 20 minutes and a slight slope, you will be able to admire the suggestive view from this panoramic point, one of the most beautiful in the whole of the Lario. The cantilevered walkway of about 12 meters will open up a view of over 180 degrees that will take your breath away.

When the sky allows it, it is possible to see Brianza, Monte Barro, the Lombard lakes, the Corni di Canzo and Val Brona.

Path towards Monte Coltignone and Cima Paradiso

Precisely from this point it is possible to go back or continue following the various indications, such as those towards the Mount Coltignone, about twenty minutes away on a narrow and slightly uphill path.

A less broad perspective, but certainly exciting towards the majestic Monte Resegone and on the Valsassina.

From the Mount Coltignone it is possible to continue the tour by following the path towards the Top of Paradise, a large perfect park where you can have a picnic or play with the children, and then return to the starting point thus closing the ring.

These walks are within everyone's reach, simple, relatively short and exciting. Paths that are also perfect for a family walk with children, but best to avoid strollers.

© Photo by Massimo Corti – Larius Way

Adventure Park: perfect experience for families

If you want an experience immersed in nature, this is the one for you Piani Resinelli Adventure Park.

Located in the splendid natural setting of the Grigne at 1300 meters and offers 11 different routes aimed at adventurers of all ages to have fun in the trees and play 90 different games in nature.

TO complete the experience an area equipped for a nice picnic under the shade of the fir trees and feet in the grass.

For more information visit the site resinellitourlab.com

The Piani Resinelli mines

Another activity to do at the Resinelli plans and visiting the mines dating back to the Renaissance period, an interesting and educational adventure for both adults and children.

Visits to the Piani Resinelli mining park are allowed all year round only by reservation and based on the weather. You will find all the information here.

How to get to Piani Resinelli

THE Resinelli plans are easily reachable by car, from the State Road 36 of Lake Como and Spluga in the direction of Lecco.

If you arrive from Lecco and Milan you must follow the signs for Valsassina.

Once you reach the Ballabio roundabout, take the second exit in the direction Resinelli plans, dfrom here a series of hairpin bends (14 to be exact) will take you to the mountains, to breathe the fresh summer air with the many activities that can be done and to enjoy moments in the snow with bobsleds and sleds in winter.

There are no slopes equipped for winter sports.

Piani Resinelli car park

There are several possibilities for parking at Piani Resinelli, we recommend the first car parks that can be reached after having passed all the hairpin bends going up from the road that leads to Resinelli.

Here are the two car parks we refer to:

They are both free, continuing towards Parco Valentino you will find some bars where you can have breakfast or enjoy an aperitif and after a few minutes you will arrive at the park entrance.

Alternatively, you can get to the Resinelli mines by car, and you'll be even closer to the park.

To you the choice.

Piani Resinelli walkway

Panoramic walkway on the Belvedere from Parco Valentino to Lecco

To add value and beauty to Resinelli plans, stands out panoramic walkway on the Belvedere, inaugurated last November, which cantilevers out for about 12 meters overlooking Lake Como.

To reach it, just start from Valentine park, take the path to the right and walk for about an hour on an easy road suitable for everyone.

Once you arrive you can look out from this balcony, and enjoy a breathtaking view of the basin Lecco lake, on the Briantei lakes, and on the Canzo horns.

In conclusion, we can state that i Resinelli plans they offer so many natural wonders that a visit at least once in a lifetime is a must.

© Photo by Federica Lanfranconi And Eleanor Villa – Larius Way

Belvedere footbridge of Piani Resinelli: How to get there?

The path that leads to Belvedere walkway of Piani Resinelli it is the simplest, but at the same time the most spectacular from a landscape point of view.

The path that leads to Belvedere walkway right side of the large and tall building that you will surely notice (unfortunately), a information sign it will help you by showing you all the possible stages and itineraries.

As soon as you take the path you will find the entrance gate to Valentine Park and later the Villa Gerosa Museum.

After the museum, continue along the dirt path, crossing a thick forest of beech and ash trees which will lead you to see the panoramic walkway overhanging the Lake Como.

Once you reach it, let yourself be carried away by the incredible beauty of the panorama in front of you which embraces the Lecco branch of Lake Como, The Garlate lake, some Briantei lakes, the Monte Barro hey Canzo horns.

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