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Monte Bolettone – Excursion on Lake Como

Monte Bolettone, a simple excursion on Lake Como starting from Alpe del Vicerè in Albavilla, with a wide spectacular panorama.
Monte Boletto - Lake Como - Photo by Massimo Abate

General informations

Monte Bolettone, panoramic excursion on Lake Como

Today's route is a simple hike on the Mount Bolettone, truly within everyone's reach, a few steps from Milan.

In the midst of Larian triangle we decide to undertake the journey in the late afternoon to be able to enjoy the view of the Lake Como at sunset, although the wonderful panorama will leave you speechless at any time of day.

Today's destination is Mount Bollettone (or Bolettone), a peak of the Como pre-Alps 1317 meters high. There are several routes and paths that allow you to easily reach the summit, for example it is also possible to start from Brunate, but today our starting point will be theAlpe del Viceroy.

After leaving the car in the locality Alpe del Viceroy, a plateau in the Albavilla area, we start from the easy path that runs through the beech forest on a wide driveway that takes us to the Mara hut (1150 m), a refreshment point located below the summit of Monte Bolettone.

From here the path takes on the ridge which, in a short time, leads to Bolettone refuge and on top of the Mount Bollettone from where you can enjoy a view that encompasses the Grigne, i Horns of Canzo, The Resegone and the Mount Cornizzolo surroundings.

The weather is not exactly favorable to fully enjoy the sunset, but it still leaves us space to take some photos.

We embark on the descent at dusk along a different road than the outward journey, also accessible to vehicles but steeper which quickly takes us back to the car park, thus completing a circular route.

Thanks to Bracchi sui Bricchi for sending us some shots of the trail.

Simple walk on Monte Bolettone from Alpe del Vicerè

If you want a quick and easy but satisfying trip, we highly recommend the walk on the Monte Bolettone from Alpe del Vicerè.

This excursion is also suitable for families for a classic Sunday walk or for cyclists who travel these paths with their mountain bikes.

If your intention is to stop and eat at the refuge, remember to book so that you are guaranteed lunch when you descend from the summit.

Picture of Ylenia And Carola – Larius Way Creators