Monte Resegone
  • Starting location: Lecco, district of Germanedo, via alla Rovinata
  • Length: about 21 kilometers
  • Elevation gain: about 2.000m D+
  • Duration: about 5h on the go
  • Refreshment points: Capanna Ghislandi, Capanna Alpinisti Monzesi, Rifugio Azzoni, Rifugio Stoppani

Monte Resegone: an alternative ring route

The circular route to the Monte Resegone that we offer you today is a real "gem", however, suitable only for expert hikers.

In fact, in addition to being a tour that requires a fair amount of physical effort due to development and height difference, in some sections the paths are technical, require the use of chains, and are exposed.

We assure you, however, that all the effort will be rewarded by breathtaking views of the Lecco branch of Lake Como and its mountains, and that you will have the good fortune to share them with few other people.

After leaving the car near the hospital Manzoni of Lecco (thus avoiding the chaos of the Piani d'Erna square), we walk towards via alla Rovinata, in the Germanedo district, and follow the signs that lead first to I negotiate (from which a crazy view on the Monte Resegone) and then to Campo De Boi.

Up to here the walk is very simple and within everyone's reach, absolutely recommended even in autumn as it is perfect for a chestnut party.

Thanks to Christine Pozzi for sending us some shots of the trail.

Monte Magnodeno, a stop on this itinerary

We then continue towards the Mount Magnodeno (1,241 m.): the path begins to be steeper, but without particular technical difficulties, with the exception of the very last stretch before the top, where you will have to overcome some easy rocks with the aid of chains.

What about the view from the Magnodeno cross? We leave you a photo that needs no further comments:

Picture of Christine Pozzi And Matthew Galimberti – Larius Way Creator

Towards Monte Resegone and the Azzoni refuge

Now let's retrace the last part of the path that brought us to the summit, and continue towards the Mare crest (the signs are always present), an equipped path (n. 23) which connects the Magnodenus at Passo del Foo.

Now comes the most adrenaline-pumping part of our round trip: we climb up easy rocks (always with the help of chains), quite exposed in some points, until we first reach the cross placed at the highest point of the ridge, then the Ghislandi Hut and finally to the Capanna Alpinisti Monzesi.

If you suffer from vertigo or don't feel like walking the ridge, you can continue along the trail no. 24.

From the Capanna Alpinisti Monzesi, and we walk along the path 11, which leads to the summit of Monte Resegone (1,860 m.) passing through the Valnegra canal.

The first part of the trail is very pleasant and the landscape is remarkable; the last part however is quite steep and on "sfasciumi" (let's say that it's not too advisable to go downhill).

In addition to a photo with the summit cross on the Monte Resegone, you cannot miss a stop at Azzoni Refuge.

Picture of Christine Pozzi – Larius Way Creator

For the descent we opted for the classic path 1 (we did not go through Piani d'Erna, but if you want to extend the tour further you can take the detour), passing the Stoppani refuge and the Costa huts.

Before arriving at the cable car square we turned left taking the path that leads to Campo de Boi: from the small gate behind the college we then went down to the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Rovinata, and we finally arrived at the car following the mule track of the Via Crucis.

We thank the author of the article Christine Pozzi, our super creator.