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Monte Bregagno: excursion on Lake Como

The climb to Monte Bregagno is unquestionably one of the most evocative excursions you can do on the peaks of Lake Como.
Monte Bregagno: excursion to Lake Como

General informations

Monte Bregagno: excursion on Lake Como

The excursion to Monte Bregagno is one of the most evocative routes you can take on the peaks of Lake Como .

The path to get to the top of Mount Bregagno is of medium difficulty, particularly recommended for expert and trained hikers, but also for those who want to try to test themselves with a challenging walk which, however, rest assured, will repay you for all the effort. made with magnificent views and panoramas of our lake and the mountains that surround it!

To get to the starting point, you will have to reach the locality of Monti di Breglia , follow the Via ai Monti di Breglia and you will arrive at a car park where you can pay a daily ticket to leave your car (the cost is €3).

If you cannot find a parking space, pay the ticket anyway and proceed by car along the first stretch of the path, where you can leave your car on the side of the road.

Photo by Sara Marinoni – Larius Way

A pleasant stop at the Menaggio Refuge climbing up Mount Bregagno

The first piece of the path is immersed in a birch forest, alternates paved sections with other dirt ones and is quite steep.

Once you have taken the direction " Rifugio Menaggio ", after about an hour of climbing, you will reach the Rifugio Menaggio, which enjoys a crazy view of both Lake Como and Monte Grona and its via ferrata. When you arrive at the refuge, remember to stock up on water!

You will not encounter other shelters or fountains on the remaining part of the path.

From the Menaggio refuge, a nice climb still awaits you on a steep and moderately grassy path (be careful!), you almost reach 1650 m before reaching the flat Sella di Sant'Amate, recognizable by its characteristic church, an excellent point to rest a bit in the shade after the climb!

Photo by Sara Marinoni – Larius Way

Vetta Monte Bregagno, a wide panorama of Lake Como, the Lecchesi peaks and Lake Lugano

Continuing the path, climbing a little further, you reach the small peak of Bregagnino at 1900 m; alternating up and down stretches with flat ones, you arrive at the last part of the route: the climb to the top of Mount Bregagno .

Once you reach the top (characterised by a large cross) the panorama you can enjoy is truly a spectacle: to the east you can see the whole of the upper Lario , with the final part of Lake Como and some of the most famous Lecco peaks ( the Grigne, the Legnone, and the Pizzo dei 3 Signori), while to the west you can glimpse Lake Lugano surrounded by the Cime Svizzere.

Some advice:

  • If you were to undertake this excursion in winter, boots, snowshoes and crampons are a must. Be very careful on the steep sections as they tend to freeze.
  • If, however, you want to try this walk in warmer periods and you are a group of friends, the advice is to stop for a night at the Menaggio Refuge ! Excellent food ranging from pizzoccheri to polenta, you can book a bed with them, or ask permission to camp on the flat grassy stretch outside the refuge. It will be an unforgettable experience!

We thank the author of the article Sara Marinoni , here is her Instagram profile.

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