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Monte Berlinghera: trekking and panoramic swing

Monte Berlinghera: is located in the upper Lario and offers a breathtaking excursion full of panoramic views and with a swing before the summit.
Mount Berlinghera Lake Como

General informations

Monte Berlinghera: trekking and panoramic swing

One among most beautiful panoramic balconies in the region, The Mount Berlinghera in the upper Lario it stands out with its 1930 m above sea level on the western coast of Lake Como and the Lake Mezzola.

On the border between the Province of Sondrio and that of How, is part of the Lepontine Alps and offers a breathtaking view of the two lakes and the entire crown of surrounding Alps.

A varied route, full of interesting views and a small surprise just before the summit.

Picture of MichelaVeronica And Evija – Larius Way Creators

Monte Berlinghera excursion: the departure

Before leaving for the Mount Berlinghera you must remember to bring water and a packed lunch because along the route there are no refreshment points or shelters, but as scary as the walk may be, the summit and the route will completely repay the effort.

The climb to Mount Berlinghera it's a'medium difficulty excursion composed of a variable route between mule track and path that passes through woods and more open areas offering incredible views of the lake and the surrounding landscape.

There are also other itineraries to reach the top, but this is the most scenic and suitable for families and not too expert hikers.

The start of the route is from Church of San Bartolomeo at an altitude of 1203 m above sea level which is located above Gera Lario and can be reached by car thanks to a typical mountain road.

The path starts from the opposite side of the giving church directions to reach Alpe di Mezzo, one of the stages before the summit.

Initially you enter a scenic oak, fir and beech forest, from which you exit near Alpe di Mezzo at an altitude of 1540 m.

A great spot to take a breather and rest on the lawn.

Monte Berlinghera Swing
Picture of Valeria – Larius Way Creator

Swing Monte Berlinghera: Bocchetta di Chiaro

Continuing straight you leave the mule track and in about twenty minutes you reach the Bocchetta di Chiaro at an altitude of 1666 m above sea level

From this point the view is simply incredible.

An added value is given by thegiant wooden swing where you can swing in total tranquility while looking at the lake from a privileged point. The water stands out under the swing and swinging on it gives a unique feeling of freedom.

Here a photograph is a ritual, it is one of the most scenic and memorable points of the upper Lario.

Once you reach this altitude you can relax and enjoy the day, those who have undertaken the walk with children will be able to let them play quietly in the meadows and observe the view in total tranquility.

While, with one last effort, you can reach the top of the Mount Berlinghera.

The climb to the summit

To reach the top of the mountain from Bocchetta di Chiaro take the path on the right which has a steeper slope and enters the larch and fir forest.

This last stretch will last about 10 minutes and directly reaches the summit at 1930 m above sea level.

At the top of Mount Berlinghera you can observe the remains of a chapel dedicated to the Alpine troops, but the breathtaking element is undoubtedly the view of the surrounding area. To the north it dominates Valchiavenna and the Pian di Spagna bathed by Lake Mezzola.

On the left the majestic slopes of Monte Legnone stand out, while the undisputed protagonist of the southern scenario is Lake Como framed by the Lombard Alps.

Picture of MichelaVeronica And Evija – Larius Way Creators


L'excursion to Monte Berlinghera it lasts approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes and offers unexpected and unique views through the observation of the lake, the mountains and the most uncontaminated nature.

Another magnificent day dedicated to exploring the splendid Larian area and its surprises.

We thank the author of the article Elena Taliano.

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