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The crossing of the Grigne on Lake Como

The crossing of the Grigne, an itinerary that will take you to two of the most beautiful peaks overlooking Lake Como: the Grignetta and the Grignone.
Crossing of the Grigne_ Sunrise on the Grignone

General informations

The crossing of the Grigne on Lake Como (Grigna Meridionale and Grigna Settentrionale)

The route we propose today will allow you to reach two of the most beautiful peaks (if not the two most beautiful ) overlooking Lake Como : the Grignetta (or Grigna Meridionale , with its 2,184m) and the Grignone (or Grigna Settentrionale , with its 2,410m).

This itinerary will give you wonderful views of the Lecco branch of the lake and the mountains of Valsassina , crossing beautiful and very varied landscapes, wild in some sections, which sometimes recall those of the Dolomites .

The entire circular tour is suitable for expert hikers (in fact, in addition to requiring a fair amount of physical effort due to development and difference in altitude, in some sections the paths are technical, require the use of chains, and are exposed), but the less trained they can still travel some sections of it.

Since this is a fairly long tour, the meeting point at the Piani Resinelli has been set for 7am. From there we set off towards the Carlo Porta refuge, behind which the path to the Cresta Cermenati begins which will lead us (in about 1h30min) at the Ferrario bivouac, on top of the Grignetta .

There are also other alternatives to reach the summit (including, for example, the Cecilia path from the Rosalba refuge , the Sinigallia ridge , the Segantini ridge ), but this is the path which, despite the challenging slopes, presents fewer technical difficulties (c 'it is only a short final stretch where the use of chains may be necessary).

If you want to follow this path distinctly from the rest of the itinerary I recommend you do it in the late afternoon, to be able to admire the crazy colors of the sunset from the top .

Thanks to Cristina Pozzi for sending us some shots of the trail.

Grignetta and Grignone paths: landscapes that take your breath away

Behind the bivouac we follow the signs for the Traversata Alta up to the Federation canal, which we follow downhill with the help of some chains.

This part of the itinerary (up to the Merlini bivouac) is not suitable for people who suffer from vertigo (there are some exposed sections) or who do not feel comfortable climbing (or rather disclimbing) on ​​easy rocks.

After a short stretch on scree, we follow the semi-flat path of the Conca di Campione , until we reach the saddle of the Buco di Grigna (where we cross the path that leads to the Rifugio Elisa).

We now begin to climb (often with the help of chains) between rocky pinnacles and grassy ridges, continuously enjoying the view of the lake and the mountains of Valsassina .

Having reached the Merlini bivouac, we follow the path which, without any technical difficulty, leads us to the Brioschi refuge and to the top of Grignone .

After a quick lunch and some photos, we begin the descent following the summer route, which with steep gradients allows us to reach the Antonietta al Pialeral refuge .

If you don't feel like tackling the Traversata Alta (but are still reasonably trained), you can reach the top of Grignone starting from Balisio, then following the winter route uphill and the summer route downhill.

I recommend you organize this excursion during the month of October, when you can admire the beautiful autumn colors.

Thanks to Cristina Pozzi for sending us some shots of the trail.

Return to the Resinelli Plans

Traversata Bassa begins : a beautiful path that develops inside a beech forest, and which with continuous ups and downs takes us back to the Piani dei Resinelli ( in Pian delle Fontane).

The Traversata Bassa can be easily followed (in both directions) even by less trained hikers and families (no strollers).

We thank the author of the article Cristina Pozzi , our super Creator.

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