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Castello Baradello Como: the route

The Baradello Castle, built for defensive purposes in the early Middle Ages, today represents a panoramic balcony not to be missed! The tower dominates Como and, in addition to allowing us to admire the city and the lake from above, on the clearest days it gives us a 360° view of the Alps, the Apennines and the Plain

A pleasant walk surrounded by greenery!

Arrive at Baradello Castle it won't take much effort, but everything depends on the path you choose and, of course, on your pace.

If you opt for one of the recommended starting points, the journey time generally does not exceed one hour.

In fact, it is not a very long or too complex route, however it is a basically uphill walk which at the beginning (the most difficult stretch) could be slightly demanding for those not used to such walks.

The paths that we suggest will take you straight to the goal if, on the contrary, you also want to discover the surroundings of the Baradello Castle following route 10 of the Spina Verde you will also arrive at the Parco delle Rimembranze (between Colle Baradello and Colle Respaù) and the remains of a sandstone quarry.

In this case, at the end of the climb you will find yourself at a crossroads: by heading to the right you can continue towards the tower, by moving to the left you can instead continue towards the park.

At the foot of the castle you will also find the Baita Bardello and an area equipped with tables and benches, perfect for a picnic.

Remember that the visit inside the Baradello tower is only possible on specific days and times, consult the official website for more details and to book your visit.

Baradello Castle Como: how to get there

To get to the top of the Baradello hill it is possible to start from Piazza Camerlata or from Piazza San Rocco.

If you choose to depart from Camerlata and arrive by car, we recommend parking in Via Scalabrini, from here you just need to cross the road towards the square (in the direction of the pharmacy) and take the cobblestone street on the left.

Another possible starting point is, as already mentioned, San Rocco square. Finding parking in this case is a little more complicated.

If you don't mind lengthening the walk a bit, you can leave your car in the Val Mulini car park or in Via Regina Teodolinda, near the monumental cemetery. As usual for the Green plug in reality the starting points can be different, as well as the itinerary.

For example, this walk could be enriched and lengthened by including the park of remembrances among its destinations; in the same way, once you arrive at the Baradello tower, you could continue up to the Cross of Saint Eutichius, perhaps passing through Pianvalle.

In short, there are so many alternatives! Trust the indications, in this area they are quite precise, the risk of getting lost is very low.

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